Headphones product review : Aftershokz

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Aftershokz headphones to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

One of my favorite things about running is getting to tune out the world, turn up my favorite upbeat jams and just GO. I’ve always wanted to try wireless headphones but never made it a priority; so when I received an opportunity from Bibrave to sample and review the new Aftershokz Trekz Titanium, I jumped at the chance! They come in different sizes (regular and mini) and in several different colors, but of course, I chose pink!


As soon as I received my Aftershokz package, I charged them up and hit the gym. My first workout was a crossfit style combo workout with kettle bells, weighted medicine balls, a rowing machine and a rope. I was happy to see that the headphones did not move around while I jumped, twisted and bounced throughout my workout. Next up was the stair master where I got the same results; no movement from these bad boys. The ultimate test would be a long run which I did the next day. The headphones did not budge as I ran 8 miles and I absolutely loved being wireless, not having to wrap a cord around my hand or tuck it into the pouch attached to my armband. I’m so mad at myself for not going wireless sooner!

The only gripe I have with these headphones is that they don’t get loud enough for me. Don’t get me wrong, they are plenty loud for the average person. But at the gym I like to drown out the people working out beside me; tune out music playing overhead or block the sound of the weights dropping on the floor. These headphones definitely mute a lot of this chatter, but having an in-ear style earbud really closes off the noise. The advantage of not having headphones in your ear, however, is safety. At the gym I want everything blocked out but when I am running outside I like these headphones because I can hear if someone else is coming up behind me, or if a biker on the trails rings their bell to pass me, and even if a car is coming around the corner. It’s important to hear all of these sounds and be aware of your surroundings which is why I can’t complain too much about the loudness factor.

Did I mention they are water resistant? Which means I can get as sweaty as I want (and I do get sweaty) and it does not affect them at all. Another great advantage to these headphones is that they last over 6 hours on one charge! And they really do, because I’ve tested them. When you pair them with your phone, there’s a little headphone icon next to your battery icon that shows you the battery life remaining in your charge. I glance at that each time I go to turn them off & if it looks low, I pop the headphones on their charger so they are ready to go for my next use! It’s so great how technology works sometimes.

Some of the cool, technical aspects of these headphones include the following:

• Trekz Titanium wireless headphones are powered by bone conduction technology which guide mini vibrations through the cheekbones directly to the cochlea.

• The open ear design keeps ears free from ear fatigue or an uncomfortable ft from traditional earbuds.

• Because nothing goes inside or over the ears, Trekz Titanium allow you to enjoy music and calls without shutting out the world around you.

• They are IP55 certified to repel sweat, moisture and wicked weather.

• Dual noise canceling microphones reduce background noise for crystal clear calls.

• Trekz Titanium offer a premium audio experience with their wide dynamic sound range and deep bass.

• Trekz Titanium will give you six hours of continuous music and calls on a single charge, and a 10 day standby time.

Overall, this is a product I am going to continue using and I encourage you all to give them a try! For a limited time, use the code FREECASE on this link to receive a free portable carrying case for your headphones. And feel free to let me know what you think about your pair in the comments below! Happy Running!


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