Gear Discount Codes

As a BibRave Pro, I also have access to discount codes on some useful gear while you are out running, cycling, hiking, etc.

I love being able to pass these savings on to my readers so check them out below!

These discount codes and brands change often so keep checking back to this post for more as I will update it when I have new information!


Gear Discount Codes


AfterShokz – Receive a BONUS portable storage case using “FREECASE” at

Knuckle Lights Colors – Use code “BRKL2017” for 15% off your purchase at, expires 9/1/17.

Orange Mud – Use code “BRPPFV” for 10% off your purchase at

2Toms – Use code “2Toms20” for 20% off online purchase only at The code expires Sept 30, 2017.

Brilliant Reflective – Use code BRP35″ for 35% off your online purchase at

Stunt Puppy – Use code “BIBRAVE917” for 20% off your purchase at


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