Q&A with the Author

Below are a few questions I have been asked to help you get to know me and my running story. Feel free to discuss, comment or ask more questions below!

How long have you been running?

I have been jogging since 2002, it turned into serious running around 2006.


What made you start running?

I played a lot of team sports growing up such as softball, cheerleading and basketball. Once I graduated high school, the team sports stopped and I needed something to keep me feeling healthy, fit and active!


What do you enjoy most about running?

I love the feeling I get at a race start line and the feeling I get after I finish a run. The atmosphere at most start lines is indescribable. It doesn’t matter what reason you are there for; whether it’s just to get outside and walk, to support the charity or sponsor, or to set a PR, there is always a wonderful, positive feeling of adrenaline at a race. After a run I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and confidence I have.


What are your running goals?

I have completed countless 5k’s, dozens of 10k’s and roughly 13 half marathons. My goal this year is to finish my first full marathon in April. If that goes well, I want to continue training throughout the year and compete in the California International Marathon in December. I would also like to continue my advancement in trail running, completing another 30k this year as well.


What would you tell someone who wants to start running?

Do it! Just get outside, don’t be intimidated and don’t be unsure of yourself. You can start out slow by jogging and walking a little bit, increasing your distance each week. You can always download an app like Couch to 5k which will guide you each day with distance and intervals. Or you can just lace up your shoes, plug in those headphones and go. The best part about my runs is that it allows my mind to go completely free. I can think about nothing, or I can really get lost in a topic and concentrate on only that. There’s an element of stress relief and clear headedness that comes with running for me, and you will be able to find that relief for yourself as well!


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